Rum That Is Wickedly Smooth

Wow, that rum is wickedly smooth! It’s only 9 in the morning, but the shots have started. I knew my trip to Bandon, Oregon had to involve a tour of Stillwagon Distillery; located 30-minutes up the coast in Charleston, home of The Devils Own Rum. While there is a tasting room in Old Town Bandon, I wanted to see for myself where these spirits are produced.

Starting in 2012, Rick Stillwagon began his quest to create the best hand crafted boutique style product, a year later it hit the market. Now, it can be sampled in two tasting rooms; the one in Old Town and the other in Charleston, and is on its way to be found in a handful of other state’s liquor stores. After our visit, Rick was heading to Boise to start moving his product in Idaho….. yay for Idaho!

It all starts with a 50/50 mixture of pure molasses and cane sugar with a load of water to start the fermentation process, for about five days, before being transferred to the next phase. In all, there are four components in the distillation. To read how Rick goes about it, you can pop over to his website Stillwagon Distillery.







The Devil’s Own Rum is made from the purest ingredients: Bandon cranberries, vanilla (locally grown), pineapple, anise, ginger and other whole fruits and spices. Come to find out, the secret to not gagging upon consumption is buying alcohol that is made from quality products.




After going through the steps, it’s stored in American oak barrels and aged for 2 years, allowing it to go through the different season climates twice.




The distillery produces single barrel batches in ten rum flavors: two white’s (The Devil’s Own & Wicked Rum), gold, spiced, black spiced, pineapple, mocha, feijoa, and my favorite, falermum. The falermum taste like a mojito, seriously, it does with its lime, cloves, ginger and allspice. A delicious sweet and spicy finish that I savored long afterwards… hmmm, I’m craving it now.

Also produced is a vodka and a whiskey that is aging.

My dad purchased a bottle of Wicked Rum, 155% proof, and later that evening we blended it with strawberries and ice. The percentage might sound like it will hit your throat like fire, yet, even at that high rate, doing shots was not a problem; it went down smoothly due to the quality of ingredients the company uses.






If you’re ever traveling along the southern Oregon coast, I suggest calling up Rick for a tour. Or in the very least, stop by one of the tasting rooms and have a few sample shots, you won’t regret it.

Oh, and be sure to try the falermum.


Okay, your turn….

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