The Roman Baths and The City of Bath

I love anything that has to do with the ancient Romans, so naturally, when I searched how far it was to Bath, England from Cardiff, Wales I instantly had my next day trip destination planned. The drive is just a little over an hour and a half.




Arriving ten minutes after The Roman Baths opened, at 9:30 am, there was already too many tourist about for my taste roaming the streets. It’s nearly the end of November on a threat of a rainy day. I hate to see this place in the summertime. Since we (my friend and I) didn’t purchase tickets online, we stood in line behind three other people. No one was in the prepaid line, until it was our turn.




Do yourself a favor and pre-purchase your tickets. Even if it’s while you’re standing in line. The ticket takers help pre-paid before on-the-spot purchase. You’d think they’d each have their own kiosk, but no. You could be standing in line for a very long time without your pre-bought golden ticket.



The museum offers a free guided tour on the hour, but we chose to use the audio assisted device and keyed in the number to hear about each section. This place is fabulous. The baths are gorgeous, of course, but going through the museum and seeing what’s been unearthed and how they designed it all, is mind-blowing.


It took us two hours to go through the museum, but we do listen to and read everything offered.




Bath is an easy city to get around on foot to see everything.


Everything is within a few minutes walk. I like taking the Hop On Hop Off bus in bigger cities, but here it’s not really necessary. The bus will make it faster if you’re on a time limit, and they are very informative, plus they take the guess-work out of where the main sites are. But, Bath provides plenty of “you are here” maps around town.

If you are a shopaholic, you will be in heaven in Bath. If you couldn’t give a care about shopping and despite hoards of people strolling narrow streets, then you’ll hate Bath. I found it a very pretty city, but there’s too many people in a small area for my taste. Coming here once is enough.



The Pulteney Bridge, one of five shop-lined bridges in the world, offers a gorgeous photo-op. Where are the other four you wonder? There’s two in Italy (Venice and Florence), one in Erfurt, Germany and the last is in Narbonne, France.

All the buildings are the same dull Bath rock color and other than The Roman Baths, the historic sites are not on the WOW factor; except the Abbey is spectacular on the outside. We didn’t go in.



Overall, I recommend one day in the city of Bath then move outward to the countryside for a relaxing day checking out castle ruins. Sham Castle and  Farleigh Hungerford Castle are nearby, but warning, I haven’t been to either yet, so I cannot tell you if they are worth your time or not.


Okay, your turn…..

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