My Nomadic Life In Video – Part 1

I get it. Sometimes we just want to see a video and go on our way. For those of you who want to see where I’ve been, without scanning an article to look at photos (hey, it’s cool, I’m guilty too) here’s my first four months in video, living my nomadic life.


4 thoughts on “My Nomadic Life In Video – Part 1

  1. Paula you have a good eye! You are so good at doing videos of your travels. This is definitely what you were meant to do. Not only does it bring you joy, but it brings joy to those who get to experience your journey through you. Amazing video! I loved watching it, made me feel like I was right there with you. <3

    1. Hi Shelley, Your comment brought me joy, thank you for leaving the comment. I’m glad you enjoyed and it brought you into my experiences. I enjoy writing, especially when I get to help others discover somewhere cool, yet I feel at home shooting clips and love editing video. Thanks again 🙂

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