A Day in Athens – Video

My week in Athens was one of rest and ancient discovery. I’m slow traveling now, so my mindset has changed from the frantic “I have to go here and there” to “if I see it, that’s great… if not, there’s next time”. It’s an approach I’m enjoying.

The video is everything that is doable in a day’s visit to Athens.

I rented a room on Airbnb, as usual, what a great location! A grocery store was just 2 minutes away, the Plaka district was a half hour walk. Syntagma Square, where you pick up the bus for the airport (30 minutes) and the Acropolis was about forty minutes.
Safety is always a concern, especially when you solo travel, I never felt unsafe and I walked everywhere, at 6 am and at 8 am, both times were in the dark. According to my step counter, my feet hit the pavement 18,000 steps daily.  In the morning locals were walking their dogs for their daily deposit, the downfall of living in a concrete city is there’s poop, what your step. In the evening, locals sat outside in front of their building socializing.

Athens is hilly, so I do have to admit that I talked to Jesus a whole lot more on the way back to the apartment.

*I also stayed in this apartment on my return trip a couple months later and loved it even more the second time around. The Fall season is much quieter in Athens. The residential area is full of bakeries, restaurants, shops, grocery stores and even a movie theater all within seven minutes walking.




2 thoughts on “A Day in Athens – Video

  1. I like the music you have chosen for this video…and the Acropolis off course is stunning. I have visited few years ago, it is very busy there, but so worth fighting the crowds to see it 🙂

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